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Playlist 2023

Synthwave+ 25 March 2023

Kidburn - Slave To Love
I Am Boleyn - Breathless
Mark Dee - Days Like This
Cassetter & Annie Ft. Dimi Kaye - You Said
Syntronix & Bunny X - Strangers Again
Marador - Dreams Of Hope
Clubhouse - Kyra (The Midnight Remxi)
Mark Cronenburg - Sophie
Mark Cronenburg - Cause I Love U
The Last Concorde - Joan Wilder
Dug Masters - Eva
Neaon - Gave It All
Domax - Volca

Flying High 22 March 2023

The Conductor & The Cowboy Ft. Aero Vaquera - Sail Away (Extended Club Mix)
The Conductor & The Cowboy Ft. Aero Vaquera - Here on My Own Again (Extended Mix)
The Conductor & The Cowboy Ft. Aero Vaquera - Sunshine (Extended Club Mix)
Synfoly & Misa D - Dark Light (Kayat Remix)
Tilt - Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix)
Trance Arts & Jan Johnston - Sanctuary (Extended Mix)
The Thrillseekers With Shannon Hurley - Stay (Here With Me) (Club Mix)
Sunlounger Featuring Zara Taylor - Try To Be Love (Chill Out Edit)
Sunlounger Featuring Zara Taylor - Crawling

Synthwave+ 18 March 2023

Rogue FX - American Dream
Days Of July - Up The Coast
Retrograth - Low Frequency Oscillation
Kavinsky - Zenith
Faith And The Muse - Running Up That Hill
VVmpyre Ft. Caitlin Stokes & Corlyx - Offering
VVmpyre Ft. Eva X - Sky Falls Down
Lazerpunk & Extra Terra - Synthetic Soul
Midnight Hi-Fi - Downpour
Digital Love - Out Alive
Sonic Gap - Palm Tree Avenue
The Hawkins Kid x Jaki Nelson Ft. Mister The Kid - Somebody Save Me
Tangerine Dream - Portico

Flying High 15 March 2023

Sam Laxton & Altartica & Sarah Russell - To Find Me (Extended Mix)
Rene Ablaze & Diana Leah - Don't Turn Away (Ryan K Remix)
Rank1 Ft. Shanokee - Such is Life (XiJaro & Pitch Remix)
Seven Lions Ft. GG Magree - Falling Fast
Denis Sheperd & Elliot Johns - Hearts (Extended Club Mix)
BT & Jes - Every Other Way (Adam Ellis Remix)
Paul Dave Featuring Setsi - Butterfly
Paul Oakenfold Featuring Cassandra - Touch Me (Beat Service Radio Edit)
Store N Forward & Cynthia Hall - Clouds Across My Heart
Klassy Project Featuring Lokka Vox - Angel (Uplifting Mix)
Klassy Project Featuring Lokka Vox - Once In A Lifetime (Uplifting Mix)
Sunblind - Believe

Synthwave+ 11 March 2023

Michaela May - Monster
Arcade Memories - Used To Be
Airport 366 - Sanhattan
Summer In Stereo - In Paradise (Neon Racer Remix)
Eric C.  Powell & Andrea Powell - It's No Wonder (Cyborgdrive Remix)
Red Skies Project - Area 29 . 29 Palms
Lifelong Corporation - A Room with a View of the Past (Flashback Remix)
Coastal - Forever
Infra Violet - Masochist
Sebastian Svahn - Air
Soft Faith - Never Not Thinking Of You
Jessie Frye - The Real Thing
Frontez - Night Lights

Flying High 08 March 2023

Angelic - It's My Turn (C-Systems Remix)
Andrea Montorsi - Special
Christopher Corrigan - Just A Fool
Klaus Kaz - Zhora
Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space
York - On The Beach (Mauro Picotto's CRW Remix)
Lasgo - Sky High
NG Rezonance BEAR & Avaxx - Want You
Last Soldier & Tricia McTeague - Outshine The Light
Richard Durand & Clara Yates - Million Stars (Extended Mix)
Dallas Superstars - Fine Day (Single Radio Edit)
JODA - We Find Ourselves (Jono Grant's Extended Stadium Mix)
Tenth Planet - Ghosts (Boxer & Amy Wiles Extended Mix)
Siskin - Nobody Loves Me (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 04 March 2023

Mike Haunted & Chris KD - Unready To Go
Fonz Tramontano - Sunset Drive
Star Madman - Shake
Montse Torres - Tokyo
Kat Von D - Exorcism
Dark - Lovers In The Dark
Celina - Corrupted By You (Cassetter Remix)
Sonic Gap & Simulakrum Lab - Test Drive
Lau - Different
Star Cassette - In Your Eyes
Pensacola Mist - Losing My Mind
Matt Hodges - In Pursuit
Alpharisc - 1989 Dream Girl
Coolmowee - Not From The Sun (Alex Vecchietti Remix)
Maria Davis - Taking Flight

Additional Show (repeat)
Clubland Classics 04 March 2023 

Sash - Equador 
Haddaway - What Is Love
Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes 
Urban Cookie Collective - The Key The Secret
Rozalla - Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night
N-Trance - Set You Free
Ultra Nate - Free
Black Box - Ride On Time
Scooter - How Much Is The Fish
Scooter - The Logical Song
Wamdue Project - The King Of My Castle
Gigi D'Agostino - L'amour Toujours
Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer
Gala - Freed From Desire

Flying High 01 March 2023

Raz Nitzan & Ellie Lawson - The Light In Our Heart (Extended Mix)
Metta & Glyde & Susana - Build A Bridge
Maratone Saphron & Hardcode - Walk Through Shadows (Jimmy Chou Remix)
Emma Hewitt & Orjan Nilsen - Warrior (Extended Mix)
Greg Oakland Ft. Tara Louise - Never Temporary (Extended Mix)
Igor Dorin & Sali - Voices of the Past
Dim3nsion - On My Own
Adam Ellis & Lucid Blue - Sapphire Skies (Extended Mix)
ARTY, Nadia Ali & BT - Must Be The Love (Enamour Remix)
Siskin - Villeneave
Andrew Rayel & Jes - From This Day On

Additional Show 
Clubland Classics 25 February 2023

Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Manian - Welcome To The Club (DJ Gollum Remix)
Special D - Come With Me
Phats & Small - Turn Around 
York - On The Beach
Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love
Gina G - Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit (Motiv8 Radio Edit)
Scooter - Nessaja
LMC Vs. U2 - Take Me To The Clouds Above
Kelly Llorenna - Tell It To My Heart
Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii New Generation Mix)
Cascada - Everytime We Touch
DJ Sammy & Yanou Ft. Do - Heaven
DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima
N-Trance - Set You Free

Synthwave+ 25 February 2023

Bunny X - The Forever War
Kaiser Snap - So Beautiful
GeoVoc, Parker Josselyn & Analog Beach - When You're Near
They Kiss - Feeling With You
Future Analog - Sinners
Thalrex - Take It Anywhere
Soft Faith - Never Not Thinking Of You
The Runaway Wild - Forever Eighteen
Color Theory - Wrath (Rogue VHS Remix)
Jessie Fry - The Real Thing
St. Lucia - Gimme The Night
Brocklesby Crooke - Sea Of Souls
The Division Red - Paris Cafe
Lazer Game - Clammy Night
Kid Moxie & Nina - Lust

Flying High 22 February 2023

Amazingblaze - Can't Stop Original Mix
Amazingblaze - On The Grind (Original Mix)
Thomas Knight - Hold Me Like You Do (Extended Mix)
Talla 2xlc & DJ Robyn - Endorphene Express
Code 2 - Ur Gonna Want Me
Paul Denton Ft Yasmin Jane - Searching (For A Kinder Love)(Paul Denton Remix)
Chris Schweizer - Higher State (Extended Mix)
Andrew Rayel Ft. Mike Schmid - Sleepwalking (Extended Mix)
Ahmed Romel & Silvela - In Your Thoughts
Lisa Louder Ft. Jodie Poye - Safe Place (Extended Mix)
Will Rees - Natural World
Protoculture - Weightless (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 18 February 2023

Arcade Ocean - Perfect Paradise
Lucy Dreams - Rosalie (Felix Venbetho Remix)
Neon Racer - Our Long Lost Summer
Rogue FX And Toxic Drive - Domino
Mister The Kid & Josh Dally - Midnight Love
Catbear - Girl Crush
Cloud Battalion - Storm City
Volker Milch - I'm So Free
Yota - The Vibe
Zenith Volt - Fountains
Decisive Koala - Midnight
Let's Talk - Just A Fool In Love
Sub Morphine - Revenant
Juno Dreams - 3am (Vocal Mix)

Flying High 15 February 2023

Aly & Fila & Emma Hewitt - You & I (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
Amos & Riot Night With Emoiryah - Love Is Love Extended Mix
Kaimo K, Saphron & Hardcode - Lifeline (Extended Mix)
Joran Shade - Unattainable (Extended Mix)
NoMosk Ft. Lucid Blue - Inside The Fire (Mike Zaloxx Remix)
Miyuki Ft Tara Louise - Love Again Like That
Marco V - GODD (Mark Sherry Extended Remix)
Rinaly Ft. Donna Tella - Home (Extended Mix)
Alexander Popov & LTN - Formula (Extended Mix)
JES - Pushing On
Will Atkinson & Jes - Long Way Home (Accoustic Version)

Synthwave+ 11 February 2023

Bunny X & Marvel83 - NYC Sunrise
Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell - It's No Wonder (isunray Remix)
Roave - We Used To Be Human
French 79 Ft. Sarah Rebecca - Diamond Veins
The Safety Word - Run - (Synthwave Rework)
The Safety Word - Blue Oceans (Synthwave Rework)
Sweeney Straddles The Sun - On The Surface
Matt Springfield - Things I've Said (Rob Dust Remix)
Starfounder - Trauma
Von Hans - The Dark House
Sandor Gavin & Sleepless Nights - Moments Lost In Time
MirroVoid - Relentless Dreams

Flying High 08 February 2023

Renegade System - Feelin' In Demand (Extended Mix)
Graham Wootton - Pulsedriver (Extended Mix)
Anfisa Letyago - Haze (Burn In Noise Remix)
Adam Taylor & Ria Joyse - Never Stop Believing (Extended Mix)
Whiteout & Norni & Malene - Cry
Brent Rix - Revive (Extended Mix)
Damian Wasse & Simon Fischer With Peter Miethig - Be Stronger! (Extended Mix)
Renee Stahl  - Forever (Bogdan Vix & Airborn Extended Remix)
Borena & Hidden Tigress - Finding You
Rami Eid & Hidden Tigress - Hopeless
Trance Reserve, Neonica & Hidden Tigress - Infinite Space (Exeland Remix)
Helslowed & Hidden Tigress - End Of Time (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 04 February 2023

Coastal - Constellations
Francci - Truth Behind Your Soul
Fonz Tramontano & Lexi Whiteside - Freedom
Disco Men From Mars - Computer Loved
Terouz - Tiger Girl
Bending Grid - Retrowave Marionette
Absinth3 - Night Patrol
Barbadel - Until Midnight
Lluva Ft. Beni - Blasphemous Rumours
Siderunda - In Love With A Computer Girl
7and5 & Waves On Waves Ft. Chris Sevier - Pieces
Lucy Dreams Ft. Frida Bollani Magoni - Levels
The Digital Man - Lost At Sea

Flying High 01 February 2023

Cari & Fisical Project & Caleb Golston - Like It Was Yesterday (Extended Mix)
Guava & Ren Faye - Guardian Angel (Extended Mix)
Force Majeure - Out Of My Mind (Daniel Skyver Extended Remix)
Paipy & DJ Spaceman - Aurora Borealis (Steve Allen Remix)
Ronski Speed & BiXX Ft. That Girl - There Is Purpose (Extended Mix)
Solange UK - Messages (Metta & Glyde Remix)
The Space Brothers - Doors (Mark Sherry Extended Remix)
RAM - The Magic of Mexico (Extended Mix)
Amos & Riot Night With Emoiryah - Love Is Love Extended Mix
Sunny Lax - By My Side
Re:Locate & Robert Nickson & Carol Lee - Built To Last (C-Systems Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 28 January 2023

Thought Beings & Bunny X - Promised
Midsummer Ex - Digital World
Kaisland - Time Goes By (Sight Telma Club Remix)
Rogue FX v Dr Chrispy - (Because) We Belong
Lazer Game - The Preacher
Maria Davis - Tick Tock
Syst3m Glitch Ft. Shadowrunner - Lightspeed
Morgan Wills - Never Ending Night
Strike Eagle Ft. Mandi Harkett & Ben Higgins - Burnin' In The Third Degree
Bettogh - Exploration Unlimited
Palindrones - Anima (AUW Remix After Hours)
Electric Youth - Arawa
Ingo Herrmann - Starlight
NeonTimeTravel - Tracker 8 (Tunnel Chase Theme)

Flying High 25 January 2023

Cari & Fisical Project & Caleb Golston - Like It Was Yesterday (Extended Mix)
Guava & Ren Faye - Guardian Angel (Extended Mix)
Force Majeure - Out Of My Mind (Daniel Skyver Extended Remix)
Paipy & DJ Spaceman - Aurora Borealis (Steve Allen Remix)
Ronski Speed & BiXX Ft. That Girl - There Is Purpose (Extended Mix)
Solange UK - Messages (Metta & Glyde Remix)
The Space Brothers - Doors (Mark Sherry Extended Remix)
RAM - The Magic of Mexico (Extended Mix)
Amos & Riot Night With Emoiryah - Love Is Love Extended Mix
Sunny Lax - By My Side
Re:Locate & Robert Nickson & Carol Lee - Built To Last (C-Systems Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 21 January 2023

P.Lima - Far In Love
Cyberflower - Sentenced To Us
MidsummerEx - Be Here Now
Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell - It's No Wonder (People Theatre Surprise Remix)
The Cathodes - North Of England
Maroco & Mach FoX - Now Beginning
Logan-47 - I'm Watching You
Bending Grid - Synthwave Marionette
The Magic Portal - The Roaring City
Neon Racer Ft. Lance Lazer - You Kept Me Running
Violet Fears - Violet Fears
Morphoice & Mayah Camara - City Lights
Dream Invaders - Is Anyone There?
Frenzy Jones - Purple Love

Flying High 18 January 2023

JES - You And Me Belong (ReOrder Extended Remix)
Roman Messer & NoMosk & Christina Novelli - Lost Soul (Full Fire Mix)
Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli - Black Hole (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)
Jake & Almo Ft. Linnea Handberg - Patience (Arsen Gold Remix)
DJ Miss Mynx - Altered Reality (Extended Mix)
Costa & Susana - Shoulders of Giants (Extended Mix)
Andrew Rayel Ft. Mike Schmid - Sleepwalking (Extended Mix)
Ben Gold Ft. Madelyn Monaghan - Follow The King (David Forbes Extended Remix)
DJ Shog - Running Water (Solar Vision & Airwalk3r Extended Edit)
Paul Clark & Nicholson & Chelsea Holland - In Your Arms (Extended Mix)
Solr & York & Sarah De Warren - The Shore (Extended Mix)
BT - Kintsugi (Siskin Extended Remix)

Synthwave+ 14 January 2023

Francci - Another Day In Paradise
Francci - Younger
Francci - Veins
Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell - It's No Wonder (Darwinmcd Remix)
Fonz Tramontano & Star Madman - Together
Russell Nash - Memories
Strike Eagle Ft. Syst3m Glitch - Wings Of Your Heart
Altered Carbon Ft. Chelsea Wrathchild - Cruel Summer
Alphabot - Interlinked
Alan Elettronico - Neon Frost
Humans Can't Reboot Ft. Megan McDuffee - To The Sky
CoolAm7 - Neon As A Service
Looney Jetman & Sonic Gap - Voyage Into Darkness
Youth83 - Euphoria

Flying High 11 January 2023

Scot Project - G2 (Good Times)(Extended Mix)
Audorn - Big Bad City
Talla 2xlc & Clara Yates - Stay (Extended Mix)
Faithless - Insomnia
Ronski Speed & DJ T.H Presents Sun Decade Ft. Linnea Schossow - Searching In Your Soul (Extended Mix)
SONIN Ft. Lewyn - Waterfall
Jordan Suckley & Clara Yates - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Raz Nitzan & Neev Kennedy - Release You
Aelyn - Give Love A Try (Formal One Remix)
Greg Downey Ft. Christian Burns - Always (Richie Blacker Classic Trance Extended Mix)
Andy Duguid Ft. Leah - Don't Belong (Vujevic Remix)
Above & Beyond & aname Ft. Marty Longstaff - Gratitude (Oliver Smith Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 07 January 2023

Popcorn Kid Ft. LAU - Free Forever
Kidburn - Need Your Loving Tonight
Starforce - Spacebridge
Anniee - Stars Leave Me Now (Caspro Remix)
Allan Zax - Beyond The Stars
Amethyst Rain - Some Kind Of Magic (Tholos Remix)
Amethyst Rain - Heaven
TemeT - All Inclusive
Marc Straight Ft. Megan McDuffee - End Of The Line
Ideon - A Summer Gone Too Fast
Phaserland Ft. System Glow - Pastel Fire
Neon Knight - Out Of Time

Flying High 04 January 2023

Steve Dekay & Sarah Russell - Fragile Flame
Allen Watts - Dynamo
Paul Clark - Ocean Tide
Haliene - Underneath My Skin (Nifra Remix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani Ft. April Bender - Something I Can Dream About (On Air Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani Ft. Mila Joseph - Fade Away (On Air Mix)
Alex Morph & Rene Ablaze - Tulum
Elevven & Sarah Mark - Shallow (Daniel Kandi Remix)
Main Engine & Mariske Hekkenberg - Brighter Than The Pain
Steve Allen & Deirdre McLaughlin - For All Time (Extended Mix)
Shugz - XTC (Extended Mix)
Yoel Lewis Ft. El Waves - Just Like That
Siskin - Piece Of My Love
Siskin - Nobody Loves Me (Extended Mix)
Ben Nicky & Christina Novelli - It's You