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Playlist 2022

Synthwave+ 31 December 2022

lluva Ft. Sonia - I'm Letting You Go
Syntronix & Bunny X - Strangers Again
Neon Knight - Kaminsky Beat
eLxAr Ft. Neaon - With You
Russell Nash - Speed Demon
Maria Davis & 7and5 - Endless
Blue Nagoon Ft. Salissa Thole - Hinterlands
Anniee Ft. Von Hertzog - Danger Electricity
Sunesis - Perseida
Fonz Tramontano - Miami Sunset
I Am Boleyn - Girl Like Me
Lazer Nomad - Security Protocol
Fonz Tramontano & Samantha T - Wherever You Are 
Turbo Hamster - Moonshadow
Dead Tesla - Trip & Rain

Flying High 28 December 2022

Sneider & Victoriya - Need You Here (Extended Mix)
Abstract Vision & Aimoon - Ultimate Reality
Thirdwave & Stine Grove - Electric Love (Extended Mix)
Darren Porter & Susana - The Hero In Me (Extended Mix)
Rub!k - Love In My Heart
Kym Ayres & Technikal - More & More (Yoshi & Razner Remix)
Ram & Susana Presents Tales Of Life - The Power Of Love
Tension & Julie Harrington - Lost in You (Shugz Extended Remix)
Omar Sherif & Susie Ledge - Here With Me
Rene Ablaze & Harlequin - Love Triangle (Extended Mix)
Emma Hewitt & Ben Nicky - Collide
Haliene & Markus Schulz - Butterfly x Metamorphosis
JES - All or Nothing (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 24 December 2022

Space Tourist & Lau - Walk Away
Jessy Mach & Lau - Find Love
Jessy Mach - Wheels Of Hell
Lifelong Corporation - Lovers (Energy Version)
The Magic Portal - 2917:Kid’s Playground
Yota - The Vibe
Von Hans - The Dark House
Hideotronic Ft. Miki - Aurora
The Neonwave - The Game
Catherine Moan & Primer - My Heart 
Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell - When Christmas Comes
Aisle 9 - Christmas 84
Coolmowee - Silent Night 80s Night
Anniee - All Is Bright

Flying High 21 December 2022

4 Strings & Sarah Russell - Change The World (Extended Mix)
Feel, Vadim Bonkrashkov & Adara - Mad Love
XiJaro & Pitch & Clara Yates - Rescue Me (Extended Mix)
Activa & Shannon Hurley - Return To Life (Roman Messer Extended Remix)
Ben Gold Ft. Plumb - Same Sky Same Stars
Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Cheryl Barnes - Be As One
Talla 2XLC & That Girl - Nothing Compares To You
Lost Witness & Roberta Harrison - Close To Home (The Conductor & The Cowboy Remix)
Jericho Frequency & Jennifer Rene - I'll Be Waiting (Extended Mix)
BOND Ft. EKE - Focus
Angelus - On Fire (Extended Mix)
Maria Healy & Deirdre McLaughlin - Believe In You (Extended Mix)
Sarah Lynn & Main Engine - Shadows & Dust

Synthwave+ 17 December 2022

Apologies to anyone that tuned in to listen to this show.
Unfortunately a different show was aired by the radio station.

Flying High 14 December 2022

Yoshi & Razner Ft. Ria Joyse - Swing 2 Harmony
Alternate High & Lyd14 - Spirit Above
Ghost Etiquette Ft. Aza Nabuko - Hold On To Me
ThoBa Ft. Kate Miles - Your Love (Alex Morph Remix)
Talla 2Xlc Ft. RRaw! - The Promised Land
Thomas Lloyd - Get Up
Paradise - See The Light (David Nimmo Extended Mix)
Charles Tsai & Greg Oakland & Harshil Kamdar Ft. Alina Renae - See Me Now
Lost Witness & Osa Blu - Falling (Enigma State Extended Mix)
Vintage & Morelli & Arielle Maren - Other Side (Factor B's In Loving Memory Remix)
Ram & Sarah De Warren - Where I Want To Be
Seven Lions Ft. GG Magree - Miss You (Seven Lions & Gem & Tauri Remix)
Raz Nitzan & Ellie Lawson - Beyond Time (Sadege Chill Out Remix)

Synthwave+ 10 December 2022

Thought Beings & Bunny X - Cross The Line
Francci - Truth Behind Your Soul
Von Hans - Getting Through The Day
Von Hans - Persevering
Days Of July - We Have To Run, Now
Neon Nox - Tunnels
Downtown Binary - Midnight Tokyo
Levi Doron - One Last Moment
Trevor Something - Forever Yours
New Arcades Ft. Nina - Before I'm Too Late
New Arcades - Where We Go (L'Avenue Remix)
Late Night Hour - Run
Michaela May - Crying At The Radio (Tholos & Jonny Spalding Remix)
Blue Nagoon - Forgive Forget
Lazer Game - Clammy Night

Flying High 07 December 2022

Stargazers & Sarah Lynn - Stand Me Up Alive
Tycoos & Mike Zaloxx With Sharon Valerona - Dive Into You
Rene Ablaze Ft. Diana Leah - I'll Find My Way
Ram & Garderiffi With Diana Leah - Turn Back The Time
First State & Anita Kelsey - Falling (Craig Connelly Remix)
George Acosta & Fisher - True Love (Billy Gillies Remix)
Allessandra Roncone - Clepatra (FSEO750 Anthem)
Ashley Wallbridge & That Girl - Nothing's Impossible
Chris Schweizer Ft. Sarah Howells - Company
Mobi-D - Sunshine (Radio Edit)
Sylver - Lay All Your Love On Me
Siskin - Deeper Love
Siskin - Nobody Loves Me (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 03 December 2022

Fenix - By Your Side
Kaisland - Precious (Depeche Mode Cover)
The Lightning Kids - The Boys Of Summer
The Lightning Kids - Ride
The Lightning Kids - California
Eric C Powell & Andrea Powell - When Christmas Comes
Aisle 9 - Christmas 84
Coolmowee - Silent Night 80s Night
Fonz Tramontano & Samantha T - Wherever You Are
Lifelong Corporation - Lovers (Energy Version)
Made Of Light - In My Soul
We Are Magonia - Last Breath
GammaFlow - Butterfly Plaza
Die, Miami, Die! - True Crime
Ilya Santana Ft. Sandry Sanz - Love Savior

Flying High 30 November 2022

Christina Novelli Ft. Klassy Project - You're All I Want
Robbie Seed & Jimmy Chou Ft. That Girl - I Wish
Michael Angelo & Sharon Valerona - Hold Me (Extended Mix)
Last Soldier & Tricia McTeague - Outshine The Light
Susana - Dark Side Of The Moon (Rydex Remix)
Costa & Sarah Lynn - I See His Eyes
Raz Nitzan & Katty Heath - Called By A Whisper
James Dymond & Cari - Million Stars (Extended Mix)
Sonin Ft. Lewyn - Waterfall
Derek Palmer & Hidden Tigress - Always You (Original Mix)
Trance Reserve, Neonica & Hidden Tigress - Infinite Space (Exeland Remix)
Derek Palmer & Hidden Tigress - In The Moonlight (Alan Santy Remix)

Synthwave+ 26 November 2022

Jessy Mach & LAU - Find Love
Arcade Memories - Stop Rewind
I Am Boleyn - Tiny Love
Thalrex Ft. Sleepless Nights - Drive Until Dawn
Blue Nagoon & Star Madman - Hindsight (Radio Edit)
Rogue FX - Filofax
Issa - Angels Calling
Tenebran - Synthetic Lovers
Tenebran - Miss You
Enville - Enter The Shark Ninja
Blue Nagoon Ft. Kristina Paulick - This Isn't Over Yet
Blue Nagoon Ft. Rose Alaimo - Aurora
Position - When Two Souls Collide
Marc Straight Ft. Megan McDuffee - End Of The Line

Flying High 23 November 2022

Alex Morph & Rene Ablaze - Tulum
Darren Best - Reflections
Kenny McAuley - Dreamworld
Peter Steele Ft. Theia Vee - Sanctified
Christina Novelli & Bixx - Putting Out Fires
Artic Moon & Jessica Lawrence - Like The Sun (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Mix)
Siskin - Nobody Loves Me
Siskin - Always You
Siskin - Never Alone
Siskin - Villeneave

Synthwave+ 19 November 2022

Traverse Town - Killer
7DD9 - Broken Heart
Fonz Tramontano - Neon Kiss
Alan Elettronico - Arcade Decade
Nina & The Secret Chord - Berlin
Lazer Nomad - Security Protocol
Retrograth - Driven Snow
Russell Nash - Kyoto Recall
Valentina Moretti - Paradise
Altered Carbon - Absolute Valentine
Fury Weekend Ft. Ollie Wride - Soul Survivor
Dreamers Avenue - Call Of The Unseen
The Cathodes Ft. David Edwin Townson - In From The Cold
L'Avenue Ft. Elise Devane - Sun And The Moon

Flying High 16 November 2022

Stargazers & Emma Horan - The Last Dance
Richard Durand & Nicholas Gunn Ft. Raeya - Not Afraid
Opt-In & Jan Johnston - Middle Of Nowhere (Shokk & Nick The Kid Remix)
Ciaran McAuley & Lisa Gerrard & Jeff Rona - On An Ocean
Andy Cain & Zara Taylor - Hypernova
Markus Schulz & Khoma - Take Me
Pierre Pienaar & That Girl - Home
Ram & Roxanne Emery - Echoes
Woody Van Eyden - Spiritual Soil
Tom Exo - Aeternum
Reorder & Jordan Tobias Present Crowd Control Ft. 88 Birds - Gasoline
MeowWow Ft. Meredith Bull - Present Moment (Danny Stubbs Remix)

Synthwave+ 12 November 2022

Natalie Gray - Fallen Into Dreaming
ELSP & Teya Flow - I Need That Fire (Envotion Remix)
Michaela May - Crying At The Radio
Just Scott - Take Back The Night
Late Night Hour - Run
Ollie Wride Ft. The Night Hour - The Driver
Catbear - In The Night
Max Project - Remember This (Your Powers)
Issa - Lights Of Japan
Chris Keya - The Call
Now, Now - Yours
Elevate The Sky Ft. Michael Oakley - We Are The Dreamers
DanSTAR - Bulletproof

Flying High 09 November 2022

Haliene - Underneath My Skin (Nifra Remix)
Steve Dekay & Sarah Russell - Fragile Flame
Allen Watts - Dynamo
DJTH & Miyoki - Plume (Extended)
Jimmy Chou & Violet Dolivo - Beautiful Stranger (Extended Mix)
Fiscal Project & Caleb Golston & Sue McLaren - New Dawn
Paul Clark - Ocean Tide
Shugz - XTC (Extended Mix)
Elevven & Sarah Mark - Shallow (Daniel Kandi Remix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Jess Ball - Silhouettes & Outlines
Protoculture - Submerge (Original Mix)
Stefano Negrini Ft. Anthya & Alaera - Love Has Gone (Chill Mix)
Anthya - The Whisper (Chill Version)

Synthwave+ 05 November 2022

Young Empress - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
The Lightning Kids - The Boys Of Summer
Alessandra Boldrini - Neighbour's Door
Fenix - Alive
Francci - Wannabe
Maxx Parker Ft. GeoVoc - Shimmer
Maxx Parker Ft. Natalie Gray - Wait For Me
Megan McDuffee Ft. RichaadEB - Soul Taker
Gunship Ft. Power Glove - Ghost
Covered In Snow - Glasgow Smile
Covered In Snow, TKC & Madil Hardis - Neon Lights
Fonz Tramontano Ft. Sarah B LadyBnow - Burning Out
SP84 & Emily Zuzik - Forgiven
Synthbart 81 Ft. Dominik Sturc & Elmo - You Are Not Alone

Flying High 02 November 2022

Main Engine & Mariske Hekkenberg - Brighter Than The Pain
Main Engine & Eline Flohr - A Sacred Place
Kym Ayres & Technikal - More & More (Yoshi & Razner Remix)
Bryan Kearney - Kaia
Kyau & Albert - Velvet Morning 22
Andrew Beyer Ft. Alison May - Midnight
Andrew Beyer Ft. Alison May - Returning To You
Ilan Bluestone & BT Ft. Caitlin Charters - Run
Orion Too Featuring Caitlin - So Shy
Denis Sender & Cynthia Hall - Pave The Way With Gold (Type 41 Radio Edit)
Richard Durand & Cynthia Hall - Shield Of Faith (Radio Edit)
Brian Magix & Cynthia Hall - Carved In Stone (Chill Out Mix)

Synthwave+ 29 October 2022

Due to a technical fault on the live stream server, 
today's show is a repeat of the one aired on 22 October 2022.

I Am Boleyn - Girl Like Me
EhRah and LAU - Give me a Sign
EhRah and Power Rob - A Little Time
Cassetter & Anniee - Why Should We Wait
Fonz Tramontano - Drive
Ankh Wave - Sentimental
Last Survivor - Just A Creep
Fake Ground - Space Tranquility
Blue Nagoon Ft. Patricia Lattime - Tangent
Blue Nagoon Ft. Kristina Paulick - This Isn't Over Yet
Rogue FX - Retrobution
Maxx Parker - White Sand
Popcorn Kid & Noxigen - Lady, Lady, Lady
Morphoice & Roxi Drive - (I'll Never Be) Mary Magdalena

Flying High 26 October 2022

Melodic Culture & Tiff Lacey - Titan Fall (Mark Horner Remix)
Matt Bukovski Ft. Tiff Lacey - Swept Away (Uplifting Mix)
Type 41, Prophetika & Tiff Lacey - Firstborn (Type 41 Fly Away Remix)
Myde & Sharon Valerona - For Better Days (Extended Mix)
Milk Inc - Livin' A Lie
Milk Inc - Blackout
Seraque - Gravity
Ron Van Den Beuken - Keep on Movin (Timeless)
Rene Ablaze & FG Noise Featuring Lucid Blue - Oblivion
Roman Messer & Roxanne Emery - Lost & Found (Full Fire Mix)
Rub!K - Love In My Heart
Rui Da Silva Featuring Cassandra - Touch Me
Public Domain featuring Roberta Childs - Where It All Began
ReOrder & Cassandra Grey - Goodbye (Omnia Remix)
MeHiLove - Beautiful

Synthwave+ 22 October 2022
Due to a technical fault on the live stream server,
this show will be aired again on Saturday 29 October 2022.

I Am Boleyn - Girl Like Me
EhRah and LAU - Give me a Sign
EhRah and Power Rob - A Little Time
Cassetter & Anniee - Why Should We Wait
Fonz Tramontano - Drive
Ankh Wave - Sentimental
Last Survivor - Just A Creep
Fake Ground - Space Tranquility
Blue Nagoon Ft. Patricia Lattime - Tangent
Blue Nagoon Ft. Kristina Paulick - This Isn't Over Yet
Rogue FX - Retrobution
Maxx Parker - White Sand
Popcorn Kid & Noxigen - Lady, Lady, Lady
Morphoice & Roxi Drive - (I'll Never Be) Mary Magdalena

Flying High 19 October 2022

1st In Line & Chris Von X - The Light (Darren Porter Remix)
Abstract Vision & Aimoon - Ultimate Reality
Shugz - The Lich (Extended Mix)
Steve Allen & Deirdre McLaughlin - For All Time (Extended Mix)
Spencer Newall Ft. Sarah De Warren - Home Again
Everlight & Tasso Presents The Resistance - Freakin'
Trance Classics & Amelie Mae - Turn It Around (HyperPhysics Extended Mix)
Trance Classics & Elles De Graaf - So Far Away (Katrin's World Extended Mix)
Trance Classics & Esmee Bor Stotijn - Till The Sky Falls Down
Dash Berlin - Oceans (Alex Morph Remix Extended)
Alpha 9 & Scroz Ft. Tom Bailey - Calling
Protoculture & Nicholas Gun Ft Alina Renae - Wings
Laura van Dam - This Is Love

Synthwave+ 15 October 2022

Oblique - Panic
Jessy Mach - You Can Change
Graflex & Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell - Always Over You
Walmind - The Sound Of Your Heart
Walmind - Tell Me Why
Rek'N Liaz - Waves Of Stars
Tena Lock - Take My Hand
Arewelone Ft. Camille Glemet - Into The Night
Lavallette - (We Don't Need Those) Bad Vibes
Russell Nash - Sine Of The Times
Split Mirrors - Carol Don't Cry
Split Mirrors - Dangerous Game (Synthwave Single Version)
Color Theory - The Darkness

Flying High 12 October 2022

Sneijder & Victoriya - Need You Here (Extended Mix)
Fisherman & Susana - Playfulness (The Magic) (Extended Mix)
George Jema & That Girl - Fly (Extended Mix)
John Askew & Shelby Merry - When Darkness Comes (Ben Gold Extended Mix)
David Rust - Stay 
Thirdwave & Nerissa Simmone - Blue (Extended Mix)
Activa & Shelly Segal - Fall In (Cold Blue Remix)
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Beggin' You (Adam Scott Remix)
Alex Prima & Sarah de Warren - When We Say Goodbye (Christopher Corrigan Remix)
Derek Palmer & Hidden Tigress - Always You (Original Mix)
Borena & Hidden Tigress - Finding You
Coolmowee Ft. Nicole Carino - I will Follow You (House Remix)

Synthwave+ 08 October 2022

Lau & Lluva - Shout
Lucy Dreams - Experiencer (Fulvio Colasanto Remix)
Lucy Dreams - Silver Lines (The Secret Chord Remix)
Lazer Game - Tropical Angel
RND87 - Momentum
RND87 - Still Waiting
Robot Sun - Driving To Tomorrow
Daniel Adam - The Rain
Mondmann - I'll Get You There
Mute Mutant - Eye Of The Tiger
Oblique - Stay
The Frixion - What Is Love
Lifelong Corporation - The Basement
Rogue FX - Don't Talk To Strangers
Fonz Tramontano Ft. Norrisette - Celestine

Flying High 05 October 2022

Emma Hewitt & Ben Nicky - Collide
Emma Hewitt x Markus Schulz - Into My Arms
Paul Oakenfold Ft.Baby E - Shine On (Craig Connelly Remix)
Haliene & Markus Schulz - Butterfly x Metamorphosis
Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli - Black Hole (Jorn van Deynhoven Radio Edit)
Ahmed Romel & Christina Novelli - Lost In Love
Paul Thomas, Fuenka & Jes - Eugina
Daxon & Numa - The Only Way
Aeron Komila Featuring Remeya Kingston - Another Winter Came (Exciters Remix)
Kaimo K & Sarah Lynn - Hearts Unite (Melodic Mix)
Elles De Graaf - Lighthouse (Alan Wyse Extended Mix)
DJTH & Deirdre McLaughlin - Over and Over Again
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Katrine Stenbeckk - Bittersweet

Synthwave+ 01 October 2022

The Lightning Kids - California
Francci - Night Shift
Cassetter and Anniee Ft. Dimi Kaye - You Said
Synthful LTD - Hook, Line, and Synker
Lifelong Corporation - Plastic
Lazer Game - Remininscence
Modern Electronic Distraction - Blue Eye Shadow
LaRusso - Cosmic Burst
Fatal Empath - Into Darkness
Jake The Kid - Sensation
Jake The Kid - California Girl
Lombardo - Nothing Compares To You
Lau & Zak Vortex - True Colors
The Alphabet Zero Ft. Brad Beal & Kellie Besh - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us

Flying High 28 September 2022

Kaimo K & Tiff Lacey - Limber
Omar Sherif & Susie Ledge - Here With Me
David Forbes & Susie Ledge - Silent Waves (Factor B's Dark Waters Remix)
Hypaton - Hello Peter (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Retouch)
Sam Laxton & Katty Heath - Forever As One (Extended Mix)
Andy Moor & Somna Ft. Diana Leah - There is Light (Taygeto Extended Remix)
The Space Brothers - Forever (ReOrder Extended Remix)
Will Atkinson - Freak Of The Week
Ram & Susana Presents Tales Of Life - The Power Of Love
Ramin Arab & Sharon Valerona - Windstorm
George Jema & Alexandra Badoi - Hold On To My Love
Paul Sawyer & Danny Stubbs & Susie Ledge - Reverie (Extended Mix)
Siskin - Nobody Loves Me (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 24 September 2022

Exiles - Red Lights
Neon Capital - Open Water
Particle House Ft. Le June - Tokyo Dreaming
The Midnight Ft. Nikki Flores - Light Years
Timecop1983 Featuring SEAWAVES - Lovers
George Ergemlidze - September Crush
Thalrex - Strange Universe
Defender Five - Time Code
C Z A R I N A - Silence & Surrender (Neon)
Fulvio Colasanto Ft. Christina Siravo & Maxx Parker - Reach For Love
Megan McDuffee - Drive To Nowhere
Splash '96 - Late Night Drive-Thru
Tom East Starring Dreamers Avenue - Through The Maze
Lavallette - I Remember When

Flying High 21 September 2022

4 Strings & Susanne Teutenberg - Start Again (Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC, Binary Finary Ft. Sylvia Tosun - Believe in Everything (Steve Allen Extended Remix)
Stargazers & Fenna Day - Crystalize (Extended Mix)
Julie Thompson - Shine
Jericho Frequency & Jennifer Rene - I'll Be Waiting (Extended Mix)
Jeremy Vancaulart Featuring Danyka Nadeau - Hurt (Allen Watts Extended Remix)
JES & Tiesto - Everything (Standerwick Extended Remix)
Demex Featuring Lokka Vox - Come Back (Soren Andrews Remix)
Ultimate Featuring Irina Makosh - Something Going On (Morvan Remix)
Mike Van Fabio & Elles De Graaf - As Fears Go By (Original Mix)
Robert Nickson - Delyo's Voyage (Extended Mix)
Maratone With Roxanne Emery - Learn To Fly

Synthwave+ 17 September 2022

Oblique & Bunny X - Thing For You
Thought Beings - Italo Nights
Digitalo - Skate
RND87 - Penrose Hotel
RND87 - In Your Eyes
Montse Torres Ft. Juan Saurin - Sunset Road
Maxx Parker - Palindrome
Fonz Tramontano - Miami Sunset
Lacrimorta - Eternal
Die. Miami, Die - Electric Neon Miami Midnight Night City Neon Dream Sky Cruise Drive
Alan Elettronico - Polybius
HeartBeatHero - Reflection In The Water
Electron Odyysey - Empty Heart

Flying High 14 September 2022

The Conductor & The Cowboy Featuring Aero Vaquera - Set Me Free (Nth Factor Extended Remix)
The Conductor & The Cowboy Featuring Aero Vaquera - Sail Away (Metta & Glyde Extended Remix)
Papulin Featuring Maria Milewska - Paper Boats (Uplifting Mix)
RAM & James Dymond Featuring Kim Kiona - End Of Times (Radio Edit)
RAM & Susana - Someone Like You (ReOrder Extended Remix)
Rene Ablaze & Suzanna Dee - Fallen Angel
Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer
Rhythm Of Life Vs. Enigma State - You Put Me in Heaven With Your Touch (The Conductor & the Cowboy Extended Remix)
State 91 & Josie Sandfeld - Surrender
Simon Patterson Featuring Lucy Pullin - Fall For You (Cold Blue Remix)
Ultra Flirt - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Robert G Featuring Lyane Leigh - Andromeda Girl (Extended Mix)
Solis & Sean Truby With Ultimate & Stine Grove - Your Dawn
Rene Ablaze & Diana Leah - Don't Turn Away (Original Mix)

Synthwave+ 10 September 2022

Future Analog - Sinners
Italove - The Mirror (Janousek & Milo Blue Remix)
Maxthor - Colony
Eric C. Powell Andrea Powell - Always Over You (Graflex Remix) 
Coolmowee Ft. Nicole Carino - I Will Follow You 
Color Theory - Trick Of The Light
Lazer Game - Throwback
Sally Shapiro - Believe In Me (Italoconnection Remix)
Runaway Droid - The Sequel
Blackpoole - Jupiter Nights
Fake Ground - Oceans Of Introspection
Tiger Club Ft. Stefano Brignoli - The Last Dance (Instrumental)
Megan McDuffee - Triangle

Flying High 07 September 2022

Sneijder & Victoriya - Need You Here
Talla 2XLC & Junk Project - Chaiyya Chaiyya
Talla 2XLC & Airwalk3r - Enough for Me
Rene Ablaze & Harlequin - Love Triangle (Extended Mix)
RAM & Darren Porter - The Calling (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Remix)
Klaus Kaz - We Will Rise (Extended Mix)
Conjure One Ft, Sinead O'Connor - Tears From The Moon (Aname Extended Mix)
Aly & Fila & JES - Sunrise (Rank 1 Remix)
Armin van Buuren & Gareth Emery Ft. Owl City - Forever & Always
Grum Ft. Able Joseph - Virtual Companion (Extended Mix)
Leo Reyes - The Music
Ben Hemsley - Erase Me
Above & Beyond & Marty Longstaff - Chains
Aldous Ft. KNVWN - Embers (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 03 September 2022

The Lightning Kids - Ride
1984 - Burning With Desire
Peter Wilson Ft. Sean Smith - One And One
Cortex Power - Summer Night City
Lacrimorta - Let There Be Night
Altered Carbon - Eye Of The Tiger
Altered Carbon - She's Like The Wind
L'Avenue - Riviera
L'Avenue - Pastel Skies
HeartBeatHero - Star Child
HeartBeatHero - Rising To The Spirit World
Max Parker - Earth Or Water

Additional Show
Clubland Classics 02 September 2022

Sash - Equador 
Haddaway - What Is Love
Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes 
Urban Cookie Collective - The Key The Secret
Rozalla - Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night
N-Trance - Set You Free
Ultra Nate - Free
Black Box - Ride On Time
Scooter - How Much Is The Fish
Scooter - The Logical Song
Wamdue Project - The King Of My Castle
Gigi D'Agostino - L'amour Toujours
Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer
Gala - Freed From Desire

Flying High 31 August 2022

THIRDWAVE & Stine Grove - Electric Love (Extended Mix)
Kenny McAuley - Skywalker (Extended Mix)
Mark Sherry & Clare Stagg - Poison Apple (Ciaran McAuley Extended Remix)
Paul Oakenfold & Baby E - Shine On (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)
Tension & Julie Harrington - Lost in You (Shugz Extended Remix)
Roman Messer - Falling
Kyau & Albert & Kristina Sky - Are You Fine (John Grand & Kristina Sky Remix)
GXD & Sarah de Warren - Hell & High Water (DRYM Remix)
Andrew Rayel Ft. AIDYL - Feels Like Home
Daxson & Nation Of One - Now or Never
Aurosonic & Sarah Lynn - Onyx (Album Mix)
Aurosonic & Fenna Day - You'll Be Fine (Album Mix)

Synthwave+ 27 August 2022

Otto One - My Game
Bunny X - Revolving Doors (Michael Glitterati Remix)
Maxthor - Colony
Symmetrix - No One Knows
Turbo Hamster - Figments
Sunesis - Perseida
Dominus Lux - Ferragosto
Dominus Lux - Amor Gignit Amorem
Fonz Tramontano - It Doesn't Matter
Max Project - Endless Summer
Synethz - Night Body
Coolmowee - Life Of A Robot
Stella Star - Beast From The East

Flying High 24 August 2022

Darren Porter & Susana - The Hero In Me (Extended Mix)
James Kitcher, Adam Taylor & Deirdre McLaughlin - Who We Were (Uplifting Mix)
Vision X & Awii - Brain Noise (Extended Mix)
Tempo Giusto - The Electronic Dream
EverLight Ft. Diadu - Bleed
ARTY, Nadia Ali & BT - Must Be The Love (Enamour Remix)
NOMADsignal & Nikol Apatini - To The Ground
Elevven & Sarah Mark - Shallow
Ghost Etiquette & RRDR Ft. Sean Ryan - Side Road (Extended Mix)
Katty Heath & The Peaceful Trees - I Am That (So Hum Mantra) (Costa Extended Mix)
JES - All or Nothing (Extended Mix)
Alexander de Roy & Hidden Tigress - Straight To My Heart (Illitheas Extended Remix)

Synthwave+ 20 August 2022

Midnight Silk - Beautiful Dream (Extended Mix)
Train To Spain - Make Up Your Mind
Soulya ID - The Day You'll Get Somebody
Driver86 Ft. Bunny X - If You Say Goodbye (Aisle 9 Remix)
RND87 - Searching
Last Survivor - Midnight Run
Nightrax - Touch The Void
Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell - Dogs Don't Dance
Kidburn - Letter To M
Kidburn - Phenomenal Cosmic Power
Matt Springfield - Things I've Said (People Theatre's Electropop Version)
Tom Franks - Outrun
Essy - Love Don't Let Me Down
Waveshaper - 66 Mhz

Flying High 17 August 2022

Due to a power failure at the Sine FM studio a show was not aired on this date.

Synthwave+ 13 August 2022

Fulvio Colasanto Ft. Iyes Keen - Follow You
Blue Nagoon Ft. Alyssa Fischer - Your Command
Kidburn - Insomnia (Early Mix)
Kidburn - The Last Dance
Dream Commander - Climax Beach
Coolmowee - Searching For Love
Coolmowee - House Of The Rising Sun
Jokerhed - Stakeout
Lifelong Corporation - Falling Angels (Original Mix)
Draven - Cauchemar Noir
Bradley Denniston & David Nolf - Feels Like Summer
Walmind - No Words Could Tell
Montse Torres - Getaway
RAN - The Road To Exopolis

Flying High 10 August 2022

Farius & Cristina Soto - On My Mind (Farius Lost In 137 Extended Mix)
Alan Morris & Clara Yates - Keep the Dream Alive (Extended Mix)
Activa & Rolo Green Ft. Julie Harrington - Reach Out (Protoculture Extended Remix)
ReOrder & Jordan Tobias Presents Crowd+Ctrl Ft. JESSCA - Tokyo
Jody 6 - Funky Pills (Extended Mix)
Fred Baker Presents Dark Alliance - Genetic (Ed Lynam Remix)
Kristina Sky & Danny Stubbs Ft. Evan Henzi - Rollercoaster (Club Mix)
Avenue One - Upstairs Terrace
Emma Hewitt & Markus Schulz - Into My Arms (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro -Hear Me Out (Extended Mix) 
Numana State - Believe In You
Hel:slowed & Hidden Tigress - End Of Time (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 06 August 2022

Kidburn - Need Your Loving Tonight
Kidburn - Tin Soldiers
Kidburn - Heartbreak (By The Beach Mix)
Hanna Rua - Light Up Your Dark
Hanna Rua - Tears On Your Pillow
Friday Night Firefight - Overthinking
Retrograth - Holy Trinity
Lacrimorta - Yet Love Will Dream
Die, Miami, Die! - Cybernautics
Walmind - The Sound Of Your Heart
Walmind - Night Ride
Synth Lovers Cafe Ft Emily Zuzik - On My Own
Electron Odyssey - Mach 20

Flying High 03 August 2022

Christina Novelli & Dave Neven - Feel Alive (Extended Mix)
NASH & Christina Novelli & Tom Rogers & J.Puchler - Invincible (Jeffrey Sutorius Extended Remix)
Cubicore & July Mell - Remember Me (Extended Mix)
Koni Blank & Roberta Harrison - How To Love (Extended Mix)
B2ME Ft. Jordin Laine - atDusk
Sarah Russell & Raz Nitzan & Trance Classics - All Over Again (Extended Mix)
Simon Patterson Ft. Sarah de Warren - Sorry
Adam Taylor & Deirdre McLaughlin - Never Walk Away (Extended Mix)
DJ Wag - Life on Mars (Peter Steele Extended Remix)
Ben Hemsley - Erase Me
Paul van Dyk Ft Christian Burns - But Not Tonight
Bryn Liedl Ft. Bethany Marie - Sing to Me (DJ Version)

Synthwave+ 30 July 2022

Hanna Rua - Don't Cut Your Angels
Hanna Rua - Hold The Light
Friday Night Firefight - Ghost
Friday Night Firefight - Addicted
Friday Night Firefight - Coffee
Anniee ft. Von Hertzog - Danger Electricity
Saint Innocent - Cruise Control
Saint Innocent - Twenty Two
Flashback81 Ft. Elisa R - Tired of Love
Lifelong Corporation - Circus (Vocal Mix)
The Truth Hunters - The Push
Thalrex - Atlantis
One Of The Crowd & Suni - Love Hangover
Pensacola Mist - Afraid To Stay The Night

Flying High 27 July 2022

Sarah Lynn & Main Engine - Shadows & Dust (Extended Mix)
Rub!k - Love In My Heart
Sunlounger Ft. Susie Ledge - Don't Stop Me From Falling (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)
Metta & Glyde - Time Will Tell (Original Mix)
ARTY, Nadia Ali & BT - Must Be The Love (Enamour Remix)
Ralphie B - Divinity (Extended Mix)
D72 - Love Of Yesterday
Ruslan Device & Katsu With Hidden Tigress - Nostalgic Nights
Druce & Hidden Tigress - I Need Your Love
Sentien Ft. Erisse - Under Your Spell (Extended Mix)
Nightlapse, Volaris & Nathan Nicholson - Through The Night
Orjan Nilsen & Somna - Stubborn (Extended Mix)
JES - Where Are You Now

Synthwave+ 23 July 2022

Ehrah & Lau - Galaxy
Saint Innocent - Midlife
Saint Innocent - Tell Me Now
OctoGain Ft. Kiki Tones - You Better Watch Out
OctoGain Ft. Kiki Tones - Driving Home
Flashback81 Featuring Elisa R. - Arcade
Russell Nash - Sundown
One Of The Crowd - Waves
Pensacola Mist - Losing My Mind
Pensacola Mist - What You Wish For
Retrograth - Artificial Light
Rogue VHS - Tsukuyomi
Nina - We Are The Wild Ones
Maria Davis - The One Who Knows

Flying High 20 July 2022

Adam Ellis Vs. B.E.A.R. - Stir My Soul (Extended Mix)
Paul Clark (UK) & Elle Mariachi - Runaway (Extended Mix)
Richard Durand & Susana - I Matter to You (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Remix)
Woody van Eyden & Rene Ablaze - All My Life (Maarten de Jong Extended Remix)
Andrew Rayel & Roman Messer - Get Down
Kaimo K & Jan Johnston - Indulge Me (Extended Mix)
Dj T.H. & Opt-in & London Thor - All Of You (Extended Mix)
Elysian - Water (Stoneblue Extended Mix)
Taylor Torrence & Julia Ross - Karma (Extended Mix)
LTN & Boris Foong - Caught In Your Space (Ramsey Westwood Extended Remix)
Fatum Ft. Mars Atlas - Angels Cry (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 16 July 2022

Hey Sonnny - Critical
Pensacola Mist - Lost In Love
Pensacola Mist - Eyes On You
Feren Isles - Wipe My Memory Clean (eLxAr Remix)
Paradise Walk - Summer Heat
Sunglasses Kid Ft. JJ Mist - Without You
Stephen Dugan - Colors
Distant Reality Ft. Russell Nash - Distant Reality
Distant Reality - Layla (Derek And The Dominoes Cover)
RND87 - School's Out
Virtual Intelligence - Night Angel
Tops - I Feel Alive
Maria Davis - Let There Be Even More Synths

Flying High 13 July 2022

C-Systems & Alina Renae - Wanna Fly (Extended Mix)
Inversed - Everything (Original Mix)
Allen Watts - Shadows
Ronski Speed & Dj T.H. Ft. Sun Decade With Tara Louise - It's Calling Me (Extended Mix)
Bogdan Vix, Claudiu Adam & Ava Silver - Do It All Again
Alex Kunnari & Evan Henzi  - I Don't Know (Extended Mix)
Crubbixz & Rinaly - Without You Beside Me
Robbie Seed Ft. Kiki Halliday - Don't Let Us Fade
Electrique Boutique - Revelation (BK Remix)
Made Of Light Ft. Zara Taylor - Just Above The Clouds
Storm State & Deirdre McLaughlin - The View (Extended Mix)
Dj T.H. & Michele C. - Sweet Surrender (Digital Vision Extended Remix)
Andy Moor, Somna & Linney - More Than Love (Sam Laxton's Progressive Extended Remix)

Synthwave+ 09 July 2022

FNP - We Got Love
Color Theory - The Next Thing
Altered Carbon - Shes Like The Wind
Altered Carbon - Hot Summer Nights
LifeLong Corporation - Synths And Sadness
LifeLong Corporation - Feelings
Zak Vortex - Power Drifter
Jacket Ft. Czarina - Regalith
Lavallette - Lost At The Arcade Pier
Lucy In Disguise - Southbound
Stella Star - Drive
Dream Commander - End Game
One Of The Crowd - Waves

Flying High 06 July 2022

BT & JES - Every Other Way (MaRLo Extended Remix)
Dory Badawi Ft. Roxanne Emery - Weapons Of Choice (Claas Inc. Extended Remix)
Ashley Wallbridge & John Weber Ft. Bodine - Flashing Lights
Cosmic Gate & Nathan Nicholson - Follow You Anywhere (Extended Mix)
Steve Allen & Trance Classics Ft. Meredith Bull - The Love In Your Lies (Metta & Glyde Extended Mix)
Rhys Elliott - Desolate
Vintage & Morelli X Elypsis - Serein (Yelow Extended Remix)
Nicholson - Praise The Lord (Extended)
NG Rezonance - Liar 2022 (Extended Mix)
Kudus & Mirjam Tumaini - Never Be Alone (Extended Mix)
Anfisa Letyago - Haze (Club Mix)

Synthwave+ 02 July 2022

Hanna Rua - Hold The Light
LLUVA & Sonia - I'm Letting You Go
LLUVA - Enjoy The Silence
Peter Wilson - Take My Heart
Italove - Burn The City (Extended Version)
Eurotix - A Memory
Alan Elettronico - Upstairs at Andrew's
Summer Towns - Private War
Summer Towns - Breaking Glass
James Burt Ft. Dimi Kaye & Yoru - Leave So Soon
RND 87 - On The Beach
Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell - It's No Wonder (Extended Mix)
Code 64 - Deceiver
Die, Miami, Die! - And One For Good Luck

Flying High 29 June 2022

David Nimmo & Cari - Light a Rainbow (Extended Mix)
DRYM, GXD & Christina Novelli - Saving Grace (Extended Mix)
Thomas Lloyd - Believe
Greg Downey & Bo Bruce - Another Sun (Extended Mix)
Ana Criado - Lockdown Heart (Daxson Extended Mix)
Ciaran McAuley & Linney - Reach for You (Extended Mix)
Scorz & Richard Bedford - Change The Story
BetweenUs - I Know (Extended Mix)
Sunny Lax - Night Sky (Sunny Lax Eighty Six Extended Mix)
State 91, Josie Sandfeld & Maratone - Surrender (Nhato Remix)
Tritonal & Sarah de Warren - Signals (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 25 June 2022

Friday Night Firefight - Boxed Red Wine
LLUVA & LAU - Impossible Love
LLUVA & Oblique - Like It Or Not
Motel - Feel
Franck Choppin -Pain In Your Heart 
Popcorn Kid Ft. Sarah Kneeland - Familiar Stranger
Montse Torres - Synthetic Dreams
Tenodi Boris - Peculiar
Jonny Fallout - I Don't Want To Be in Love (Heartbreak)
Blue Nagoon Ft. Salissa Thole - Hinterlands
Daniel Hugh Ft. Emily Zuzik - In The Night
Dark Matter Void - Ghost Of My Existence
I Am Boleyn - From Paris To Berlin
Lavallette - Walking On The Beach
Maria Davis - Sky Shadows

Flying High 22 June 2022

Coulson (UK) - Shine (Extended Mix)
Angelus - Parley (Original Mix)
Sean Tyas & Manuel Le Saux & Db Mokk - Altus (Extended Mix)
Craig Connelly Ft. Tara Louise - You Are Alive (Streaming Edit) 
Andain - Promises (Myon Extended Summer of Love Reboot)
Super8 & Tab Ft. Nazzereene - Lightning
Ben Nicky & Christina Novelli - It's You
Miss Rodriguez - Apollo (Extended Mix)
Koyah - Lose My Mind (Extended Mix)
Alex Sonata & TheRio - The Real Thing (Extended Mix)
Rene Ablaze & Amin Salmee - Killer (Extended Mix)
Andrew Bayer & Alison May - Midnight

Synthwave+ 18 June 2022

Maxthor - Flamingos
Carino Cat - Wall Street (Radio Edit)
Blixx 86 - Mad Desire
Lucy Dreams - Teenage
Lucy Dreams - Rosalie
Lucy Dreams - Dreamland
Last Survivor - The Wasp
Lifelong Corporation - Here I Am
Lifelong Corporation - Superstar
Biodrive - Midnight Affair
Gunship Ft. Tim Cappello & Indiana - Dark All Day 
Megan McDuffee - Drive To Nowhere
Megan McDuffee - Vortex

Flying High 15 June 2022

Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (Ruben de Ronde & Elevven Remix)
Amanda Darling - Enchantment (Extended Mix)
4 Strings & Sarah Lynn - You Move Me (Extended Mix)
Kaimo K & Hanna Finsen - To Be Who You Are (Extended Mix)
Yisus Madrid & Maxine - I Don't Wanna Cry (Extended Mix)
Alan Morris Ft. Jess Morgan - Made of Light (Radio Edit)
Somna & Yang Ft. Noire Lee - Till Oblivion (Asteroid Extended Mix)
Derek Ryan & Melissa R. Kaplan - The Willow (Extended Mix)
Ana Criado & Costa - Love Is An Act of Courage (Extended Mix)
Raz Nitzan & Sarah Howells - Unconditional (Extended Mix)
Frainbreeze & Emma Horan - We Still Have Each Other (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 11 June 2022

EhRah & VenMC - By the Weekend 
Pensacola Mist - Horizon
I Am Boleyn - Another Me
Fulvio Colasanto Ft. Chris KD - Lonely Time
Bunny X - Can't Wait (Le Cast Remix)
L'Avenue - City Of Angels
Cobalto - Now Forever (Special Edit)
Jeremiah Kane Ft. Sanz - This Night Is Ours
Ad Infinitum - Unstoppable
Wolfclub - One Last Night
Junatime Ft. Mike Baggetta - 1000 Hummingbirds
Color Theory Ft. Minute Taker - I've Seen You In A Dream
Maria Davis & 7and5 - Endless

Flying High 08 June 2022

Bogdan Vix, Claudiu Adam & Danny Claire - Falling (Extended Mix)
Iant & Flund Ft. Liliia Kysil - Breathe
MaRLo & Avao Ft. Maikki - Break Through The Ground (Radio Edit)
David Forbes - Take Me Up
Renegade System - On a High (Extended Mix)
BT - Stratosphere (Matt Fax Extended Remix)
Fatum Ft. LYCA - Something New
Eximinds, Norni & Michele C. - Wouldn't Be Mine
Paul van Dyk Featuring Sue McLaren - Guiding Light
Paul van Dyk Featuring Sue McLaren - We Come Together (Reverse Radio Edit)
Richard Durand Featuring Hadley - Run to You (Radio Edit)
Sunlounger Ft. Susie Ledge & Inger Hansen - Run (Roger Shah Extended Uplifting Mix)
NOMADsignal & Nikol Apatini - To The Ground
Hel:sløwed Ft. That Girl - In Silence

Synthwave+ 04 June 2022

Lau - Broken Hearts
Lau - The Fire
Daniel Hall - You Won't Let Me Go (Eric C. Powell Remix)
Miami Nights 1984 - Ocean Drive
Night Spice - Miami, IL
Melezz - Neon Escapism
Laura Dre - All Day, All Night
Laura Dre - Without Words
Powernerd - Cybercopter
Thrillchaser - Fantasy
Darla Jade - Broken Armour
Cannons - Purple Sun
OSC - The Ride Home
Luxe & Leisure - Adrift

Flying High 01 June 2022

Alex Wright & Nitrous Oxide & Tiff Lacey - Lose Myself (Extended Mix)
HALIENE - Glass Heart (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)
Dustin Husain - Switch Up
Moussa Clarke & Terrafunka - She Wants Him (Alex Sonata & TheRio Remix)
Symmetrik - Burnin Inside (Extended)
Systembreaker - Kontrol U (Extended Mix)
Airbase Ft. Floria Ambra - Denial (Liam Melly Extended Remix)
Essence - The Promise (Craig Connelly Remix)
Stargazers & Neev Kennedy - I Remember You (Last Soldier Remix)
Kenny Palmer & Susanne Teutenberg - Leave The World Behind (Extended Mix)
Lost Witness & SJ Johnson - Over You (The 90s Anthem)
Ferry Corsten & Morgan Page Ft. Cara Melín - Wounded
Bound to Divide & Lauren L'aimant - When The Sun Goes Down

Synthwave+ 28 May 2022
Mondmann Ft. Bunny X - Try Again
Anniee - Stars Leave Me Now
Lifelong Corporation - Running To Nowhere
OAG - Running
Von Hans - Hardbody
Night Rider 87 - Digital Battleground
OAG - Damage
Nite - Good Boy
Goldroom Ft. Mammals - Till Sunrise (New Arcades Remix)
Dominus Lux - Gliding The Streets
Night Rider 87 - Arcade Nights
Johnny Ola - Nighthawk
Social Ambitions - Heaven
Natalie Gray - Fire

Flying High 25 May 2022

Bryan Kearney & Out Of The Dust Ft. Plumb - Take This (Extended Mix)
Maria Healy & Deirdre McLaughlin - Believe In You (Extended Mix)
Ben Gold - Rest Of Our Lives
RAM & SILVELA - Tequilla Sunsets (Extended Mix)
Alan Morris & Katty Heath - Captive of Your Heart (Extended Mix)
Sleepthief & Zoë Johnston - Alice's Door (Aurosonic Remix)
The WLT - Hearten
Craig Connelly Ft. Megan McDuffee - Lights Around the World (Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC & Christina Novelli - I've Been Gone So Long (Reorder Original Mix)
Robbie Seed & Yoli Rose - Twisted Hearts
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Natalie Shay - Replay
Kydus Ft. Susie Ledge - Believe In Me (Radio Edit)

Synthwave+ 21 May 2022

Chris KD - Say It Right
Friday Night Firefight - Overthinking
Thought Beings - Wavespell
Jonny Fallout - Forever (Tonight)
The G - Shadows In The Neon Rain
Primer - Feel The Way I Do
The Midnight Ft. Timecop1983 - River Of Darkness
C152 Ft. Chirrex - Midnight City (Remix)
Dreamkid - Fatal Attraction
Dreamkid - Broken Heart Airlines
Turbo Hamster - Voices Of The Ocean
Stereofloat - The Return
Absolute Valentine - In The 42nd Street
Coolmowee - Single All Summer

Flying High 18 May 2022
Angelus - On Fire (Extended Mix)
Ben Gold Ft. Yasmin Jane - Searching (For A Kinder Love)
Liam Melly & Amin Salmee - Pompeii
Renegade System - If You Want (Extended Mix)
Marco V - Run & Hide (Extended Mix)
Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Rub!k Remix)
Jordan Suckley - Tribal Senses
Armin van Buuren & Florentin Ft. Jordan Grace - Echoes
Ciaran McAuley, Roger Shah & Hannah Brine - You and I
Phillip J Ft. Kim Casandra - Imaginary Friend (Extended Mix)
Ilan Bluestone Ft. Giuseppe De Luca - Love Is A Drug (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Mix)
James Dust Ft. Dayana - Strong (Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond & aname Ft. Marty Longstaff - Gratitude (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 14 May 2022

Lucy Dreams - Rosalie
Fake Rokerz - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
Thought Beings - My Dreams
Thought Beings - The World
Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell - It's No Wonder (Extended Mix)
Russell Nash - Speed Demon
Midsummer Ex - Missing You
Midsummer Ex - Always 1985
James Burt - Sing That Song
Flashback81 - Halo
Tenodi Boris - Neon Run
Tenodi Boris - Rise Of The Second Sun
Thrillchaser - Let You Go
Quixotic - Palms

Flying High 11 May 2022

The Conductor & The Cowboy Vs. G Coulter & Stoby Ft. Aero Vaquera - Sirens (Beautiful Lies) (Club Mix)
Costa & Hanna Finsen - The Season of The Broken Heart (Extended Mix)
tyDi & JES - Just Believe (Darude Remix)
Gareth Emery Ft. Roddy Woomble - This Is Not The End
Andy Cain Ft. Zara Taylor - Music Box (Extended Mix)
BOND Ft. EKE - Focus
Lost Witness & Roberta Harrison - Close To Home (The Conductor & The Cowboy Remix)
Roman Messer Ft. Romy Wave - Leave You Now (Allen Watts Remix)
Shogun Ft. Jennifer Rene - Under My Skin (Andy Moor Remix)
Arsen & Cyan With Jennifer Rene - The Wire (Extended Mix)
Paige, Nihil Young Ft. Lauren L'aimant - Alchemy
Solewaas & Hidden Tigress - Inside My Head (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 07 May 2022

Pensacola Mist - What You Wish For
Thought Beings - Above It All
Thought Beings - Don't Be Afraid
Lau - Instant Sunshine (Diskette Remix)
Lau - What To Do (Young Empress Remix)
Jonny Fallout - Human (Logic)
Czarina - Medusa
Stereofloat - Music For Post Apocalyptic Sceneries
Ankh Wave - Just Love Me (Remastered)
David Guetta & Sia - Let's Love
AUW - Walks With Strangers (Beanpole Remix)
GeoVoc & Remember Whales - Back Now
Lyn Rajah - The Chase

Flying High 04 May 2022

SoundLift & Susanne Teutenberg - Hoping Against Hope (Extended Mix)
State 91 & Josie Sandfeld - Surrender
Mark L2K & Tiff Lacey - Starshine (Extended Mix)
Stoneface & Terminal & Sue McLaren - Save Me (Extended Mix)
James Dymond & Stine Grove - Birds of A Feather (Extended Mix)
Boris Foong & Cari - Just A Call Away (Extended Mix)
Solarstone - Sovereign (Extended Mix)
Leigh Green & Bryn Whiting - The Wait Is Over
PITTARIUS CODE, Konnekted & Tara Louise - Unbreakable (Extended Mix)
StanV & JANPAUL - Mysteria
Paradise - Wanna Be Free (Original Mix)

Synthwave+ 30 April 2022

Friday Night Firefight - Bad Days
Friday Night Firefight - Ghost
Lau - Instant Sunshine (Thought Beings Remix)
Lau - Give Her Your Love (Ends 84 Remix)
Lau - What To Do (Sebastian Da Vinn Remix)
Bunny X - Back To You (The Secret Chord Remix)
Bunny X - Can't Wait (Le Cast Remix)
CZARINA - The Fox's Wedding
CZARINA - Wonderland
Synsonic - Thinking Of You
The New Division - Circles
Infra Violet - Easy
Thrillchaser - Let You Go

Flying High 27 April 2022

Ellez Ria Pres. Arkam & Hidden Tigress - Incomplete (Extended Club Mix)
Christina Novelli - Numb (Siskin Remix)
Craig Connelly And Numa - Headed For The Sun (Streaming Edit)
John O'Callaghan & Deirdre McLaughlin - Saving Grace (Activa presents Mekk V Remix)
BiXX & Daisy Lou - After Dark (Extended Mix)
MaRLo & Jantine - For You (Elucidus Remix)
4 Strings & Susana - Completely (Extended Mix)
RAM & Susana, Presents Tales Of Life - You Are Enough (Horisone Extended Remix)
Farius - A Big Life (Memory Loss Remix)
Ana Criado - Lockdown Heart (Extended Mix)
Roman Messer & Richard Bedford - Breathe (Ahmed Helmy Remix)
Spada & Lauren L'aimant - Gone (Extended Mix)
Anthya - The Whisper

Synthwave+ 23 April 2022

Bunny X - Diamonds (Mike Haunted Remix)
Bunny X - Head Rush (Uncover Remix)
Bunny X - Perfect Paradise (GeoVoc Remix)
MORPHOICE & Patrick Russell - Radio Static
eLxAr Ft. Neaon - With You
Syntronix & Chris KD - Solace
Kalax Ft. Player One - Not Alone
Synth Lovers Cafe & Emily Zuzik - Who's Gonna Die Tonight
Ollie Wride - Never Live Without You
Josh Dally - Speak Your Mind
Max Project - Synthwave Life
Sally Shapiro Ft. Highway Superstar - Down This Road
Color Theory - Sometimes
10Eighty6 & Indigo - Can't Stop (Thinking Of You)

Flying High 20 April 2022

4 Strings - Catch A Fall (Club Mix)
4 Strings - Take Me Away (Ron Van Den Beuken Edit)
4 Strings - Let It Rain (DJ 4 Strings Vocal Mix)
CJ  Stone - Into The Sea (Original Mix)
Cosmic Culture - Time Of Your Life (Original Mix)
Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Be Your Sound
Cyril Ryaz Featuring Emoiryah - The Altar (Nadi Sunrise Remix)
Darren Tate & Jono Grant - Shine
De Donatis And Ciacomix - Angel (De Donatis Vocal Mix)
Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down
Dave Neven & Ellie White - Try for Me
David Forbes Featuring Emma Gillespie - Shadows (Cold Blue Remix)
Dash Berlin Ft. Bo Bruce - Coming Home - We Are (Part 2)
Dash Berlin Featuring Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Strings & Vocals Mix)

Additional Show - Deep House 17 April 2022

Milkwish - Light in the Night (Extended Mix)
Dimitris Athanasiou - A Beautiful Girl
Chunkee - Runnin'
Housenick - Reach The Sky
Fred Again Ft The Blessed Madonna - Marea (We've Lost Dancing)
Diplo & Sonny Fodera - Turn Back Time
Costa Mee, Pete Bellis & Tommy - Till The End of Time
Oden & Fatzo - Lauren (I Can't Stay Forever)
Nando Fortunato - My Angel
Vintage Culture & Sonny Fodera Ft. SHELLS - Nightjar
Local Options - The Right Direction (Saison Remix)
Paul Lock - Save Me
Audien Ft. Cate Downey - Wish It Was You
Nando Fortunato - Romance
GeoM, Pete Bellis & Tommy - Love You Enough (Paul Lock Remix)
Costa Mee, Pete Bellis & Tommy - I Wish (Chunkee Remix)

Synthwave+ 16 April 2022

Bunny X Ft. Kim Wilde - Perfect Paradise (Ricky Wilde Remix)
Bunny X - Head Rush (Uncover Remix)
Bunny X - Lost Without You (Maxx Parker Remix)
Summer Towns - Inside
Summer Towns - Wrapped
Allan Zax & Anniee - Coming Around
Elevate the Sky Ft. Oceanside85 - Moving In The Shadows
Galactic Tapes - Funelled Cure
Galactic Tapes - Recovered
Meteor - White Crows
Neon Arcade - Valley Girl
Palm Lakes - Satellite
Megan McDuffee - Manga 2

Flying High 13 April 2022

Kudus & Estiva - Fluor (Extended Mix)
Audien Ft. XIRA - One Last Dance
NASH, Christina Novelli, Tom Rogers & J.Puchler - Invincible (Extended Mix)
Deme3us & Hidden Tigress - Can You See Me
Talla 2XLC & That Girl - Nothing Compares To You
Two & One Ft. Anthya - The End Is Over (A.R.D.I. Remix)
SMR LVE & Roxanne Emery - Let the Light In (Ronski Speed & Harshil Kamdar Remix)
Will Atkinson - Stimulation (Extended Mix)
Andrew Rayel - Elements of Harmony (FYH 300 Anthem)
Robert Nickson - Delyo's Voyage (Extended Mix)
tyDi & JES - Just Believe
Aly & Fila With JES - I Won't Let You Fall (Aneesh Gera Galaxy Traveler Ambient Remix)
Roger Shah Presents Sunlounger Featuring Antonia Lucas - Beautiful Night (Downtempo)

Synthwave+ 09 April 2022

Thought Beings - Trailblazer
Pensacola Mist - The Dying Light (Single)
Galactic Tapes - Ghosts Of Autumn Past
Galactic Tapes - The Void Drifter
Galactic Tapes - Starlight 89
Eric C. Powell Andrea Powell - World Falls Away
Constellation Prize - Wicked Games
Constellation Prize - Loving You (Is A Losing Game)
Brothertiger Ft. Yvette Young - Torn Open
Nitefold - Capsule
Sally Shapiro - Forget About You (Johnny Jewel's Amnesia Remix)
Timecop1983 Ft. Trevor Something - My First Crush
Woves - Flesh & Bone Midnight Dancing
Lost Outrider, W O L F C L U B & Anita Kyoda - Love & IM in '05

Flying High 06 April 2022

Ben Gold Ft. Plumb - Same Sky Same Stars
Liam Melly & Jessica Doherty - Lord It's A Feeling (Extended Mix)
Adam Ellis Ft. Aylin - Mothers Ruin
Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Cheryl Barnes - Be As One
Nifra - Getaway
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Dan Soleil - Hero (Extended Mix)
Jon Craig Ft. Emma Gillespie - Silence (Extended Mix)
Craig Connelly & Gid Sedgwick - Reach Out
Claas Inc. & Gid Sedgwick - Through It All (Extended Mix)
Marco Torrance - Echoes Of Petra (Extended Mix)
Adrian Zgz - Emotions
Lange & Firewall - Together (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 02 April 2022

Lucy Dreams - Experiencer
Bite The Boxer - Forgotten
DreamStation1986 - Don't Want To Comeback
DreamStation1986 - Floating
Melezz Ft. Laura Brizuela - Moving On (Too Late)
SYNTHBART 81 Ft. Dominik Stürc & Elmo - You Are Not Alone
D X 7 - The Love Theme
Kal-Elle Jagger Ft. Syst3m Glitch - Faith (Lost In Space)
Maxthor - Heroes Walk Alone
Omar Jano - My Darling Angel
Lazerhawk - Dreamrider
The Midnight Ft. Nikki Flores - Because The Night
The Midnight Ft. Nikki Flores - Light Years
Bunny X - Young & In Love

Flying High 30 March 2022

Alan Morris & La Antonia & Sue McLaren - Nowhere Left To Hide (BiXX Extended Mix)
Inversed - Voyage (Radio Edit)
Metta & Glyde - Arcadia (Radio Edit)
John Askew & Shelby Merry - When Darkness Comes (Extended Mix)
David Rust - Slow Motion (Extended Mix)
Selim Ozkaya - Starlight Over Us (Extended Mix)
Eximinds & Natalie Gioia - Keep Me Safe
Andy Moor &  Somna Ft. Natalie Major - Born to Run (Extended Mix)
Santi Glen - To The End Of Time (Goontha Remix)
Matt Bukovski & Mary Sweet - Rescue (Extended Mix)
Amy Wiles & Matt Fax & Mirror Machines - Remind Me Why (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 26 March 2022

EhRah Ft. Power Rob - A Little Time
Syntronix - Danger Zone
Syntronix Ft. Young Empress - Echo In The Dark
Russell Nash - Phoenix Down
Galactic Tapes - The Void Drifter
Sixmixsix Ft. Fludid - Hate Me In Return
Sixmixsix Ft. Fludid - Home Is Not A Place
Ran - The Maze
Goodbye - FM-84 Ft. Clive Farrington
Trilucid - Take A Breath (Original Mix)
Midnight Hi-Fi - Downpour
Dana Jean Phoenix Ft. Till Wild - Neon Daydreams
Celina - Quantum Zero
Magic Dance - So Far Away From Home

Flying High 23 March 2022

Richard Durand & Christina Novelli - The Air I Breathe (Kryder Extended Remix)
Myon Ft. Alissa Feudo - Moon (Myon Hard Club Extended Mix)
Spada - Take Me There
Roman Messer & Cari - Silence
John O'Callaghan & Kathryn Gallagher - Mess Of A Machine (Billy Gillies Remix)
Talla 2XLC - The Oasis (Metta & Glyde Remix)
Ikerya Project & OBM Notion And Danny Claire - Goodbye
James Cottle & Tiff Lacey - Uncertain World
Matt Darey & Marcella Woods - Voice Of An Angel (Michael Woods vs Matt Darey Remix)
Taylor Torrence Ft. Elara - Gravity (Extended Mix)
Ilan Bluestone Ft. Ellen Smith - Stranger To Your Love
Hoyaa - Roana (Original Mix)

Synthwave+ 19 March 2022

Syntronix Ft. Lau - Never
Syntronix Ft. Bunny X - Strangers Again
Syntronix Ft Oblique - Day Off
Neon Knight - Kaminsky Beat
Dream Fiend Ft. September 87 - Lightyears
Dreamkid - Game Over
Duett Ft. Stewart Lockwood - Julienne
Russell Nash - Do Or Die
Russell Nash - Last Chance
Russell Nash Ft. Sleepless Nights - Moonlit Highway
Last Survivor - Staring At The Moon
Max Cruise Ft. The Motion Epic & Alessandra Gonzalez - In The Moonlight
Max Cruise Ft. The Motion Epic & Sparkee - Memory Of You
Megan McDuffee - Manga 1

Flying High 16 March 2022

Derek Palmer & Hidden Tigress - Desolation (Exolight Extended Remix)
Activa & Shannon Hurley - Return to Life (Roman Messer Extended Remix)
Dan Stone & Stine Grove - I Am Human (Extended Mix)
Ghost Etiquette Ft. Cora - Swim (Extended Mix)
EverLight Ft. Justin B - Echoes
SoundLift & Maxine - Anywhere With You (Extended Mix)
AK & Audrey Gallagher - Lights (Extended Mix)
Paul Clark (UK) Ft. Elle Mariachi - Lamia (Radio Edit)
NG Rezonance - Not Over You (Extended Mix)
Mr. Sid - Flames (Extended Mix)
Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (ALPHA 9 Remix)
Piano & Specs - My Body & My Soul

Synthwave+ 12 March 2022

Thought Beings - The World
Natalie Gray - Dance Floor
Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell - The Station (Extended Mix)
Von Hans - New Dawn
Roxi Drive - Make Me Scream
L'Avenue - Midnight Chase
2 Minds Alike - The One
Adore - Familiar Stranger
Adore - Lonebird
Turbo Hamster - Synchronize
Flashback81 - Sleepwalking
Confirmation - Reservations
Space March - Tokyo (Algorithm Mix)

Flying High 09 March 2022
Christina Novelli - Numb (Nifra Extended Remix)
BiXX & Christina Novelli - Purpose (Extended Mix)
John O'Callaghan & Deirdre McLaughlin - Saving Grace (Extended Mix)
RAM, Ahmed Romel & Julie Thompson - Live For 2 (Extended Mix)
NoSo - I Do Both Jay & Jane (Extended Mix)
DRYM & Cari - Seasons Will Change (Extended Mix)
Orjan Nilsen - Jeger
John Grand & Adam Sobiech - You Got Me Saying (DJ Version)
Giuseppe Ottaviani & April Bender - Something I Can Dream About (Extended Mix)
Genix & JVMIE - Until I Find You (Alex Sonata & TheRio Extended Mix)
Adam Ellis Ft. Jennifer - Three Faces of Eve

Synthwave+ 05 March 2022

Hanna Rua - Tears On Your Pillow
Young Empress With Maxx Parker - It's Always Dark
Young Empress With Sunglasses Kid - The Boys
Flashback81 Ft. Elisa R. - Arcade
Alone In 1984 - Running From 1984
Anniee - Hide The Sun
Melotika - Digital Dreams
Bite The Boxer - A Tough Night
Bite The Boxer - The Pilot Sleeps Alone
Ehrah Ft. VENMC - Gamma Loner
New Arcades - Moods
Tom East Staring Dreamers Avenue - Through The Maze
PlayHz - Frontiera Digitale
Runaway Droid - Midnight Run
BMX Escape - Thunder Highway

Flying High 02 March 2022

Craig Connelly Ft. Megan McDuffee - Keep Me Believing
Craig Connelly Ft. That Girl - Little Mystery
Eric Zimmer, Shawn Hunter & Hidden Tigress - Indelible (Fredd Moz Extended Remix)
Allen Watts & Gid Sedgwick - Life's Unfair
Metta & Glyde And Katty Heath - Carry Me Home (Extended Mix)
Tritonal & HALIENE - Losing My Mind (Paul van Dyk Extended Remix)
Ahmed Helmy - Stay (Extended Mix)
Costa & Emma Horan - New Dawn Breaking (Album Mix)
Costa & Jo Cartwright - Together Alone (Album Mix)
Costa & Kate Louise Smith - We Are The Universe (Extended Mix)
Siskin - Electric Love (Extended Mix)
Siskin - Villaneve (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 26 February 2022

Syntronix & Bunny X - Strangers Again
Arteeva - Gotta Play Your Cards Right
Young Empress - Lost Time
Young Empress - Christine
Young Empress - 1428
The Last Concorde - My First Car
Berkan Cesur & Dark Smoke Signal - Democracy Falls
Celina - Quantum Zero
Ankh Wave - Just Love Me
Infinity Train - Running Away
Mitch Murder Ft. Emi (Satellite Young) - Sniper Rouge
Magic Dance - 'Til You're All Mine
Young Empress - Ghosts

Flying High 23 February 2022

XiJaro & Pitch & Clara Yates - Rescue Me (Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC, Binary Finary Ft. Sylvia Tosun - Believe in Everything (Steve Allen Extended Remix)
KBK & Nayenne - Together (Mike van Fabio Remix)
Drival & Natalie Gioia - Flying (Fisical Project Extended Remix)
Mark Sherry & Christina Novelli - Lighting Fires (Paul Denton Extended Remix)
James Dust & DJ Eternity - World in Your Hands (Extended Mix)
Norni & Eximinds & Alexandra Badoi - Drowning In Love (Denis Kenzo Remix)
Will Atkinson & JES - Long Way Home (Will Atkinson Extended Club Mix)
Cores - Millenium (Will Rees Extended Mix)
Ruben de Ronde - Lean On Me (Robbie Seed Extended Remix)
Ben Nicky & Greg Downey Ft. Christian Burns - Always (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 19 February 2022

LAU - Undecided
LAU - Give Her Your Love
LAU - What To Do
CONNÖR & ELYXIR - The Devil In Me
Lavallette Ft. Sophia Sorrentino - Wasted Love
Shades Of Thunder - Darkness Falls
Mark Dee - Out Run
L'Avenue - Business Talk
Karl Vincent - Main Street
Megan McDuffee & DEMONDICE - Mean Street
KRISTINE - Modern Love
KRISTINE - The Deepest Blue (Dance With The Dead Remix)
Power Glove - Clutch
Vincenzo Salvia - The Pineapple Pizza Slayer
Megan McDuffee Ft. RichaadEB - Get Ready For The River City Girls

Deep House Mix 18 February 2022

Housenick - Going Down (Geom Remix)
Costa Mee - Around This World
Costa Mee, Pete Bellis & Tommy - More Than Me (Nando Fortunato Remix)
Costa Mee, Pete Bellis & Tommy - Waiting For You
Paul Lock, Pete Bellis & Tommy - Fight For Love
Paul Lock - Monster
NICCKO - Your Heart
Nando Fortunato - Falling
NICCKO - I Will Be There
Housenick - Baby Don't Go (Paul Lock Remix)
NICCKO, Chunkee - In My Heart
Paul Lock - Live It Up With You (Live)
Pete Bellis & Tommy - All I Want (Dimitris Athanasiou Remix)
GeoM, Pete Bellis & Tommy - Love You Enough (Paul Lock Remix)
(All tracks - Deep Disco Records label)

Flying High 16 February 2022

Kaimo K & Denise Rivera - My Heart Is Bigger (Extended Mix)
Trance Classics & Esmee Bor Stotijn - Heaven Is A Place Inside (Extended Mix)
Stowers & Cooper - Our Light (Extended Mix)
Angelus - Keeps Me High (Jody 6 Remix)
DjVincenTech - For Your Love (Vocal Radio Edit)
DjVincenTech - Blue Angel (Extended Version)
Blue Serigala - Broken
Maratone, Saphron & Hardcode - Walk Through Shadows
FEEL, Vadim Bonkrashkov & Adara - Mad Love
Rob Tissera & Paul Priestley - An Eternal (Extended Mix)
Dj T.H., André Visior & Linnea Schossow - Everglow
Afternova Featuring Andrea Becker - For You (Trance Mix)
Tritonal & HALIENE - Losing My Mind (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 12 February 2022

LAU - Broken Hearts
Jonny Fallout - In the Midnight Air (Neon Lights)
Flashburn - Cube
Extra Terra Ft. Megan McDuffee - Man Or Machine
Magnavolt - Chaos In The Streets
Oceanside95 Ft. Till Wild - Neon Dreams
Oceanside85 Ft. SelloRekt/LA Dream - This Is The Night
Particle House Ft. Le June - Your Touch
Particle House Ft. Le June - Tokyo Dreaming
Taurus 1984 Ft. Shellyann - Somebody Like U (Final Djs Remix)
Hollywood Burns - Abomination from Planet X
Konrad Celinski - Coast
Maria Davis - On Your Way

Flying High 09 February 2022

Sandro Mireno & Hidden Tigress - Victory (Extended Mix)
Spins & Eric Zimmer Ft. Magdalen Silvestra - To Touch A Dream (Original Mix)
Farius - A Big Life (Club Mix)
RAM & Garderffi With Diana Leah - Turn Back the Time (Extended Mix)
Ben Nicky & Greg Downey Ft. Christian Burns - Always (Extended Mix)
John O'Callaghan Ft. Lo-Fi Sugar - Never Fade Away (Maarten de Jong Remix)
Marcel Woods - Advanced (Maddix Extended Remix)
Speed DJ - Blizzard (Steve Allen Remix)
Myde & Hanna Finsen - My Heart Stood Still (Extended Mix)
Dominant Space & Evan Henzi - We All Need Love (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Gate & Olivia Sebastianelli - We Got the Fire (Extended Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Mila Josef - Fade Away (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 05 February 2022

Lau - The Fire
Disco Men from Mars - Nightcycle
Disco Men from Mars - Moog Sunset (Better Living Through Circuitry Remix)
Liquid Modern - The Night Begins To Shine
Glass Spells - Psychic Lovers (Remastered 2021)
Bunny X - We Demand Fun
Bunny X - Disco Pagan Boy
Bunny X Ft. Marvel83'- NYC Sunrise
Terouz - Burn
PYLOT - Alice
Let Em Riot - Move & Turn
Hotel Pools - Eclipse
L'Avenue - Feel Time Fade

Flying High 02 February 2022

4 Strings & Sarah Russell - Change The World (Extended Mix)
Asteroid Pres. Obsidian & NuSpirit - Decipher (Extended Mix)
Nicholson & Bryn Whiting Ft. Elle Mariachi - Invincible
Raz Nitzan & Susanne Teutenberg - Faith Sees Best In The Dark (Extended Mix)
Luminn & Roxanne Emery - In the Silence (Extended Mix)
Miss Rodriguez - Carrousel (Extended Mix)
Eugenio Tokarev Ft. Shedona - Sunlight
Daniel Wanrooy - Can't Let It Go
Dj T.H. & Amin Salmee - Unbreakable (SMR LVE Extended Remix)
Ronski Speed & Elara - I'll Be There (Extended Mix)
Siskin - Never Alone (Extended Mix)
Siskin - Electric Love (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 29 January 2022

Nina - Beyond Memory
VHS Dreams - Night Drive
Aisle9 - Miami Knights
Neontenic - Dark Drive
Michael Oakley - Babylon
SP84 Ft. Emily Zuzik - Passion
Megan McDuffee - Abyss
LeBrock - One Night
LeBrock - Dangerous Dreams
Light4Storm Ft. Celina - Voidwalker
Sunset Neon - Metrocenter 84
Metrocenter 84 - Tonight
Scandroid Ft. Megan McDuffee - Dark Tide
Maria Davis - Northern Edge
Hotel Pools - Eclipse
Hotel Pools - Vacation

Flying High 26 January 2022

Temple One & Katty Heath - In Everything I See (Extended Mix)
Ben Nicky & Avao Ft. Kye Sones - Guilty (Extended Mix)
Mark Sherry - Take Me (Extended Mix)
Awii & R.E.L.O.A.D. - Blame Me (Extended Mix)
Ciaran McAuley & Clara Yates - Light a Rainbow (Extended Mix)
Alexander Popov & Natalie Gioia - Dreamtime (D72 Extended Remix)
Lost Witness Ft. Andrea Britton - Wait For You (John O'Callaghan Extended Remix)
Richard Durand & Christian Burns - Almost Home (Extended Mix)
Coulson (UK) - Dream World (Radio Edit)
Derek Palmer & Hidden Tigress - Desolation (Radio Edit)
Luke Bond Ft. STELLA - Deep End
Benjamin Duchenne & Victoriya - I Don't Mind
Kyau & Albert - Where Did All the Years Go?

Synthwave+ 22 January 2022

lluva Ft. Sonia - I'm Letting You Go
Iyes Keen - Moloch
AUW Ft. Elevendotone - The Window Show (Radio Edit)
Von Hans - Nomad
Hyperdrive 1985 - We´Re Sending You Back
Hyperdrive 1985 - Neon Forest
Thalrex - Never Let Me Go
Thalrex - Strange Universe
Hors Circuit Ft. Ilenya & Saint Amand - I'll Never Stop
Michael Oakley - Is There Anybody out There (Jon Campbell Radio Edit)
Signal Void & Deadlife - Turncoat
Kn1ght - Hawke Road
Terouz - Big Boy Games
Dream Shore - Ocean Overdrive

Flying High 19 January 2022

Roman Messer & Christina Novelli - Frozen (Full Fire Mix)
Allen Watts & SILVELA - Echoes
Melodic Culture & Tiff Lacey - Titan Fall (Mark Horner Remix)
Billy Gillies - Nostalgia (Extended Mix)
Kaimo K & Sarah Lynn - Hearts Unite (Katrin's World Extended Mix)
tyDi & JES - Just Believe
Ruslan Device & Katsu With Hidden Tigress - Nostalgic Nights (Extended Mix)
Nima van Ghavim & Victoria Leshchenko - Look Into Your Heart (Extended Mix)
Jordan Suckley & Clara Yates - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Gareth Emery, Ben Nicky & Emily Vaughn - Because The Night
Scot Project - T2 [Trip] (Extended Mix)
Jody 6 - Into Euphoria
Oliver Smith Ft. Natalie Holmes - Borderline (Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 15 January 2022

Lau - Instant Sunshine
Oblique - Souvenirs From The Future
EhRah Ft. VENMC - Spike's Song
Honey Beard - Lighthouse
Wayfloe Ft. Jessie Frye - Fractions
Russell Nash - Do Or Die
Russell Nash Ft. Sleepless Nights - Moonlit City
Airith Saga Ft. Sheli Báez - All Through The Night (Synthwave Cover)
The Bad Dreamers - Who You Run To
Waveshaper - CRT Days
The Midnight - Los Angeles
A.U.W. - Daybreak
Marvel83' Ft. Terena Armstrong - By Design
The Mighteous M - Ocean

Flying High 12 January 2022

Christopher Corrigan - I'm Never Over You (Extended Mix)
Derek Ryan & Jen Wood - Moments (Extended Mix)
Sneijder & Cate Kanell - Letting Me Go (Stargazers Extended Mix)
Corrado Baggieri & Gid Sedgwick - Heart Of A Lion (Extended)
Rex Mundi & Susana - Nothing At All (Mark Sixma presents M6 Remix)
Armin van Buuren & Susana - Home With You (Armin van Buuren pres. Rising Star Remix)
Sunlounger Ft. Susie Ledge & Inger Hansen - OK
Sean & Dee Ft. JOSEFINA - Million Skies (Extended Mix)
Alex Bartlett Featuring Anthya - Touch the Sun (Duende Vocal Remix)
Richard Durand & HALIENE - Give Your Heart A Home (Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond Ft. Richard Bedford - Sun & Moon (Ilan Bluestone Extended Mix)

Synthwave+ 08 January 2022

Popcorn Kid Ft. Noxigen - Moment In Time
Popcorn Kid Ft. Noxigen - Starfish Killer
Extra Terra & Rogue VHS - Arrakis
Extra Terra - Morpheus
Megan McDuffee - Abyss
Popcorn Kid Ft. Noxigen - Lady, Lady, Lady (Popcorn Kid Cover)
Nightfall Heroes - Radiance
Nightfall Heroes Ft. Megan McDuffee - Starlight Syndicate
Von Hans - Midnight Vibe
eLxAr - Dangerous Get Away
DreamReaper - Prismtek
Taurus 1984 Ft. Shellyann - Somebody Like U
Maria Davis - Riders Of The Lost
Popcorn Kid - Memory Tapes

Additional Show - Christmas 2021

Anniee - All Is Bright
Helena Mace - Snowfall
My Friend Featuring Lauren L'aimant - January Embers (Lauren L'aimant Twilight Mix)
Eddie Rabbit - Suspicions
Seal - Kiss From A Rose
Adele - Easy On Me
Jes - The Christmas Song
Ruth Moore - We're Beginning To Plan A COVID Christmas'
Teddy Beats Ft. Mon Rovia - Hold Me (Christmas Mix)
Maria Davis - Limitless
Maria Davis - Shadow Mountain
Helena Mace - This Christmas
Synthwave League Ft. Robert Patton - Last Christmas

Additional Show - Deep House

Coldabank & Freedo - I Just Wanna Dance
Dark Heart Ft. Njomza - Over & Over
Quin Pearson & Isabel Higuero - All I
RAYE x Rudimental - Regardless
Harrison - Breathe Me In
Sonny Fodera Ft. Clementine Douglas - Angel
James Carter - Heaven
Dallerium & MKDN - Still Love You
ATB x Topic x  A7S - Your Love (9pm)
Bimini & Teddy Beats - Homebound (Teddy Beats Remix)
Tiesto - The Business
London Grammar - Hey Now (Sasha Remix)
Shouse - Love Tonight (Robin Schulz Remix)
Dallerium & Lanns & Replay M - Won't Be Walking Away
Clean Bandit & Topic Ft. Wes Nelson - Drive
House Classics - Saddle Up (Original Mix)
Kim McNichols - Lost on You (Deep House Remix)
Helion & Loafers - Wicked Game
Robin M Ft. Dantae The Kid - Moment
Nora Van Elken - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
Teddy Beats Ft. Jolee Nikoal - Take It Slow
Tiesto & Ava Max - The Motto
MEDUZA Ft. Hozier - Tell It To My Heart
Stan Van de Ven - Miss You Now

Flying High 05 January 2022

Klassy Project & Audrey Gallagher - When The World Stood Still (Extended Mix)
Nitrous Oxide & Jaki Nelson - Embrace The Love Inside (Extended Mix)
Ralphie B & Clara Yates - Live Like Legends (Extended Mix)
Koyah & Leonard A - Au79 (Extended Mix)
Cathy Burton & Omnia - Hearts Connected (Costa Extended Mix)
Rami Eid & Hidden Tigress - Hopeless
LTN Pres. Ghostbeat & Hidden Tigress - Through the Rain (Extended Mix)
Melodic Culture & Tiff Lacey - Titan Fall
Matt Bukovski & Tiff Lacey - Swept Away (Uplifting Mix)
Illitheas & Pedro del Mar With Tiff Lacey - Lightning - Extended Mix

Synthwave+ 01 January 2022

Maxx Parker & LAU - Drown Your Sorrow
Coastal - Days Go By
Roxi Drive & Sellorekt - Never Find Another
The Future Kids - Midnight Drive
Splash '96 - Late Night Drive-Thru
Megan McDuffee - Moving On
Max Parker & GeoVoc - Cloudscape
Syntronix & Lau - Never
Coastal - Last Sundown
Power Rob - Sweet Romance
Eutropic - Down By Law (Syntronix Remix)
The G & JJ Mist - Can't Wait
Anniee Ft. Midnight Hi-Fi - Running To You
Maria Davis - Glass Waves